The Math Of Life And Death

  • Autor: Kit Yates
  • Narrador: Kit Yates
  • Editora: Simon & Schuster
  • Duração: 8:22:04


"Yates, a mathematical biologist from the University of Bath, England, can spin a funny yarn. Listeners will smile as he tells how he turned up early at an airport once because he mixed up A.M. and P.M. His stories tend to have a serious side, though. His airport mix-up leads into explaining how time zone confusion thwarted the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. Yates looks at the math relating to a lot of serious topics, such as radiation, police shootings and mass shootings, pyramid schemes, and smallpox vaccines. He keeps the topics lively and interesting. . . . Yates also offers listeners much needed ways to look skeptically at courtroom statements, statistics, and social media."


  • 001 TheMathOfLifeAndDeath Title

    Duração: 26s
  • 002 TheMathOfLifeAndDeath Dedication Introduction

    Duração: 12min
  • 003 TheMathOfLifeAndDeath Chapter1 ThinkingExponentially

    Duração: 01h03min
  • 004 TheMathOfLifeAndDeath Chapter2 SensitivitySpecificityAndSecondOpinions

    Duração: 01h15min
  • 005 TheMathOfLifeAndDeath Chapter3 TheLawsOfMathematics

    Duração: 01h06min
  • 006 TheMathOfLifeAndDeath Chapter4 DontBelieveTheTruth

    Duração: 01h09min
  • 007 TheMathOfLifeAndDeath Chapter5 WrongPlaceWrongTime

    Duração: 01h07min
  • 008 TheMathOfLifeAndDeath Chapter6 RelentlessOptimisation

    Duração: 01h09min
  • 009 TheMathOfLifeAndDeath Chapter7 SusceptibleInfectiveRemoved REV

    Duração: 01h07min
  • 010 TheMathOfLifeAndDeath Epilogue MathematicalEmancipation

    Duração: 09min
  • 011 TheMathOfLifeAndDeath Credits

    Duração: 30s