“Think Thomas Harris’ Will Graham and Clarice Starling rolled into one and pitched on the knife’s edge of a scenario that makes Jurassic Park look like a carnival ride. Another rip-roaring, deeply paranoid thriller about the reasons to fear the future.” -- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Hannah Stander is a consultant for the FBI—a futurist who helps the Agency with cases that feature demonstrations of bleeding-edge technology. It’s her job to help them identify unforeseen threats: hackers, AIs, genetic modification, anything that in the wrong hands could harm the homeland.

Hannah is in an airport, waiting to board a flight home to see her family, when she receives a call from Agent Hollis Copper. “I’ve got a cabin full of over a thousand dead bodies,” he tells her. Whether those bodies are all human, he doesn’t say.

What Hannah finds is a horrifying murder that points to the impossible—someone weaponizing the natural world in a most unnatural way. Discovering who—and why—will take her on a terrifying chase from the Arizona deserts to the secret island laboratory of a billionaire inventor/philanthropist. Hannah knows there are a million ways the world can end, but she just might be facing one she could never have predicted—a new threat both ancient and cutting-edge that could wipe humanity off the earth.


  • 001 Invasive

    Duração: 10s
  • 002 Chapter 01

    Duração: 06min
  • 003 Chapter 02

    Duração: 17min
  • 004 Chapter 03

    Duração: 18min
  • 005 Chapter 04

    Duração: 07min
  • 006 Chapter 05

    Duração: 12min
  • 007 Chapter 06

    Duração: 02min
  • 008 Chapter 07

    Duração: 17min
  • 009 Chapter 08

    Duração: 24s
  • 010 Chapter 09

    Duração: 22min
  • 011 Chapter 10

    Duração: 04min
  • 012 Chapter 11

    Duração: 16min
  • 013 Chapter 12

    Duração: 15min
  • 014 Chapter 13

    Duração: 19min
  • 015 Chapter 14

    Duração: 28min
  • 016 Chapter 15

    Duração: 26min
  • 017 Chapter 16

    Duração: 05min
  • 018 Chapter 17

    Duração: 04min
  • 019 Chapter 18

    Duração: 03min
  • 020 Interlude - Hollis Copper

    Duração: 03min
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