Arial knows the rules that keep her safe. She's been following them since she was a little girl: Do not tell. Do not show. But in a moment of terror, facing an attacker intent on taking more than just her life, Ari has no choice but to unleash the psychic powers she's been hiding since childhood.

Now, with her abilities revealed, a bigger threat looms—something that makes her question everything she thought she knew about her parents and her secretive upbringing. But this isn't a fight she can face on her own.

As the head of Devereaux Security, Beau Devereaux is no stranger to the strange. But when he takes on a new client—a beautiful young woman with an extraordinary gift—Beau isn't prepared for the extent of his attraction to her. What began as a simple assignment, just another job, quickly turns personal as Beau discovers he'll do anything at all to protect Ari. No matter what it costs him personally. Even his heart and soul.


  • 01-In His Keeping

    Duração: 33s
  • 02-Chapter One

    Duração: 20min
  • 03-Chapter Two

    Duração: 08min
  • 04-Chapter Three

    Duração: 18min
  • 05-Chapter Four

    Duração: 16min
  • 06-Chapter Five

    Duração: 09min
  • 07-Chapter Six

    Duração: 06min
  • 08-Chapter Seven

    Duração: 15min
  • 09-Chapter Eight

    Duração: 29min
  • 10-Chapter Nine

    Duração: 12min
  • 11-Chapter Ten

    Duração: 12min
  • 12-Chapter Eleven

    Duração: 22min
  • 13-Chapter Twelve

    Duração: 13min
  • 14-Chapter Thirteen

    Duração: 14min
  • 15-Chapter Fourteen

    Duração: 25min
  • 16-Chapter Fifteen

    Duração: 24min
  • 17-Chapter Sixteen

    Duração: 12min
  • 18-Chapter Seventeen

    Duração: 29min
  • 19-Chapter Eighteen

    Duração: 12min
  • 20-Chapter Nineteen

    Duração: 18min
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