Passive Income - Financial Freedom - Book Two


Passive Income. Financial independence. Do they always go together? Or is it possible to have one and not the other?The honest - and shortest answer is: It depends on the individual. Does it not?

For example, if person A has only one stream of passive income, should that stream "run dry", then financial independence is light years away.

But for person B, with multiple sources of passive income, financial independence is all but assured.

Of course, there are many other variables that need to be taken into consideration. Not the least of which is determination.

That, along with perserverance, are the bottom line essentials required to ensure that passive income will definitely deliver financial independence.

In his previous books on the subject ,Internet Marketing Legend, Bob Kennedy has shared his from-the-trenches experiences on generating true,reliable passive income.

Now, in this book, he explains the steps you must take to ensure that your passive income will give you the financial independence you deserve.