Rich - thinking isn't enough. Depite the tsunmai of books, courses, videos, DVD's and "experts", getting rich is not soley a quation of mindset.

Yes, of course you must have a focus that's directed toward your goal - but equally imortantly, that focus should be wide enough to avoid missing opportunities that will pas you, right and left, on your road to riches.

There are, obviously, many roads to riches. And each of us must choose their own. But it's always dangerous to assume that because one rich person followed a particular course, that following in their footsteps will do the same for you.

That said, the one secret virtually all the rich, and the mega rich share, is saving. Putting something, however small away, every day. Yes, as the old saying goes: Pennies add up.

And no one is more qualified to guide you on the realistic road to riches, than motivatonal speaker, entrepeneur and Author Toby Robbins.