Is Crypto in control? Is it taking over? Are bitcoin and blockchain to be our future? Does cryptocurrency mean the end of money as we know it?

Naturally, it's promoters say that crypto has sounded the death knell for banks. And the current financial system as we know it.

But just as eletcric cars haven't replaced gas and diesel, Crypto totally replacing money remains a question mark. Despite the fevor of crypto addicts.

Money has a history of over 2000 years. As coins found in various Roman ruins will attest.

But money, even in Roman times, was not the only system of value exchange. Even then, there was bartering for exchanges of goods and services.

So, if we look at the history of money, as a medium for exchange of value, it's not probable something that's lasted that long, is going to disappear completley.

In this captivating book, Financial Consultant Quentin Carlisle MBA, explores the facts and the fiction around Crypto Control.