Getting Started With Crypto: Understanding How To Navigate The Crypto World


Crypto investing, depending on whom you talk to and what you hear, is either a way to make it rich or get poor fast. This book has a simple goal, to explain what cryptocurrencies are, a bit of the history, so you understand the context and where we believe all those old "stablecoins" and new coins are going. We will discuss the historical perspective on the blockchain, its underlying technology, and why we think it's reasonably secure. But more importantly, we want to give you as much information as possible to start looking into investing in some exciting crypto coins today.

This book does the following:

We discuss the history of crypto coins like bitcoin and co.

Show you how to understand the prices of coins.

Use free tools to view coins and create alerts on prices so you can reduce your risk while investing.

Look at a few different yet stable exchanges so you can start investing.

Look at a credit card application that lets you start investing in coins relatively risk-free (because you get cashback in Crypto for each transaction)

We look at some of the more stable coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin.

We also look at some newer coins like SOL (Solana) and map out how you can start to get financial data on the coin's performance.

Crypto doesn't have to only be risky or scary; let this book help you understand the Crypto world and give you the information you need to make up your mind.