Flat Stanley's Adventures In Classroom 2e #2: Riding The Slides


Beloved character Flat Stanley is back with a whole new set of friends in this brand-new STEM-focused chapter book series. In this second book, Stanley and his friends learn all about the scientific method, gravity, and friction through a heated contest on the playground!  

Ever since Stanley Lambchop was flattened by a bulletin board, each day brings new adventures!

According to Stanley’s second grade teacher, Ms. Root, everyone in classroom 2E is a scientist. That’s good news for Stanley because he has a problem in need of solving! Both his classmate, Josie, and his little brother, Arthur, think he’s been using his flatness to cheat during playground games. But Stanley can’t help being flat!

It’s time to test how flatness affects Stanley on the playground. Will science be on his side?

Featuring adorable black & white illustrations, an accessible approach to STEM topics, and a fun experiment in the backmatter for readers to try themselves. Don’t miss any of Flat Stanley’s classroom adventures!