Truth & Justice: The West Memphis 3

S14 Ep16: Jay Wilds 2nd Recorded Interview - Full Audio



This is Jay Wilds' second official recorded interview.  The interview took place on March 15, 1999.  Two weeks after Adnan Syed's arrest.  In this interview Jay has been present with a map of cell tower locations, and the call logs from 1/13/99.  Here Jay's story completely changes from his first official interview on 2/28/99.  The benefit of the audio as opposed to the transcript is that you can hear the long pauses.  You can hear the detectives tapping on something.  And if you listen really closely, you can actually hear them writing things down during some of those pauses. To binge the Reply Brief series ahead of the main feed drops, you can JOIN OUR PATREON community at the $5/month level.  Right now you can binge all the way through the end of the series!  When you join Patreon, you'll also get all of our episodes ad free, and an hour of Patreon exclusive video content every week, as well as our NEW WEEKLY PODCAST “Pre-Game” with new episodes dropping every Wednesday for Patrons.