Truth & Justice: The West Memphis 3

S14 Ep15: Jay Wilds 1st Recorded Interview - Full Audio



This is the full, unedited audio from Jay Wilds' first official recorded interview with police.  As the official story goes, Ritz and McGillivary interviewed Jenn Pusateri on 2/27/99 where she told them that Jay had told her that Adnan Syed killed Hae Min Lee.  Later that night, the Detectives picked Jay up at work and took him to the station for an interview.  After a 50 minute unrecorded pre-interview, the tape is turned on in the early morning hours of 2/28/99 to record this interview. To binge the Reply Brief series ahead of the main feed drops, you can JOIN OUR PATREON community at the $5/month level.  Right now you can binge all the way through the end of the series!  When you join Patreon, you'll also get all of our episodes ad free, and an hour of Patreon exclusive video content every week, as well as our NEW WEEKLY PODCAST “Pre-Game” with new episodes dropping every Wednesday for Patrons.