Truth & Justice: The West Memphis 3

S14 Ep24: Interview w/ Alex Campbell from "Murder 101"



Bob is joined by Mr. Alex Campbell. Alex is a High School Sociology Teacher in Tennessee, who challenged his class to solve a 30 year old cold case. The results were absolutely incredible. His students developed a profile of the killer, and drew attention to the case, which was an integral part in solving the case known as "The Red Head Murders". Alex and his class were featured on the podcast "Murder 101". The story is fascinating. Just as fascinating is hearing Alex explain his philosophy on teaching today's youth. The majority of the funding for our work comes from our Patrons.  To join our Patreon community, click THIS LINK.  At the $5/month level you'll get access to lots of Patreon Only BONUS EPISODES, Ad Free versions of all episodes, an hour of Patreon Exclusive video content every week, and our new weekly podcast “Pre-Game”, which drops every Wednesday.