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Burnout to Brilliant w/Dr Marny Lishman, Psychologist & Author - EP.210



Feel Good From Within with Yvette Le Blowitz - #SPAITGIRL Podcast EP.210 - Burnout to Brilliant w/Dr Marny Lishman, Psychologist & Author Are you dragging yourself to work lately?  Feeling cynical all the time?  Exhausted throughout the day?  Productivity reduced?  Ready to quit?  Passion you once had all but disappeared? You might be suffering from burnout. In Burnout to Brilliant, Dr Marny Lishman, Psychologist and Author shares how practical tips on how to create greater self-awareness to prevent burnout and steps we can take to recover from Burnout. Dr Marny Lishman is a Health & Community Psychologist, Author, Wellbeing & Mindset Coach, Keynote Speaker, Media Commentator and Channel 9 Perth's Resident Psychologist. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology as well as a Doctor of Psychology degree, with Health & Community Psychology speciality titles. Her work involves creating agility of the minds, so that her clients can become successful in their professional and personal life. Dr Marny