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The Secret Life of You w/Kerri Sackville, Columnist and Author - EP.205



Feel Good From Within with Yvette Le Blowitz - #SPAITGIRL Podcast EP.205 - The Secret Life of You w/Kerri Sackville, Columnist and Author  Kerri Sackville is an Australia Writer.  She is currently a regular columnist for Sunday Life magazine, Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age.  Over the years, Kerri has appeared frequently on commercial and ABC radio networks, podcasts, and TV shows including Sunrise, The Morning Show and The Daily Edition.  Kerri is the author of five books: The Secret Life of You, The Life-Changing Magic of a Little Bit of Mess, Out There, The Little Book of Anxiety, When My Husband Does the Dishes.  Why is it so scary to be alone with your own thoughts?  When columnist and commentator Kerri Sackville decided to put down her phone and learn to be comfortable alone, her quality of life soared. Seeking meaningful time on your own can boost creativity and productivity, improve self-awareness, build resilience and moral courage, and, most importantly, improve your relationships and c