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The Power of Awe w/Jake Eagle, LPC, Therapist, Co-Author - EP.200



Feel Good From Within with Yvette Le Blowitz - #SPAITGIRL Podcast EP.200 - The Power of Awe w/Jake Eagle, LPC, Therapist, co-author  Overcome Burnout & Anxiety - Ease Chronic Pain - Find Clarity & Purpose in Less Than 1 Minute Per Day Research has proven that mindfulness improves well-being and reduces stress, anxiety and pain. But for some, the practice itself feels challenging and inaccessible. That's where The A.W.E. Method comes in. In The Power of Awe, therapist Jake Eagle and chronic pain specialist Michael Amster, MD, share their extraordinary yet simple mindfulness practice that turns ordinary moments into awe-inducing experiences. Helping you effortlessly achieve a heightened state of consciousness usually reserved for seasoned practitioners of mindfulness - all within a matter of seconds. The A.W.E Method quickly transports us into awe, an incredibly powerful emotion that produces wonderment and a heightened state of consciousness along with some remarkable changes in the mind and body that