Purity Coaching With Jeff Fisher

04 - Hacking Your Longing for Porn (heart)



CLICK HERE TO PLAY EPISODE 004 On the last podcast we talked about our Porn looking behaviors.  Today we go deeper.  Our porn looking is driven by our porn longings.  And really, our longings are not for porn at all, but for much deeper things. Here are the key points from the podcast.  Use these to help reflect an evaluate what's really going on underneath the surface. Porn means something to you. How does it make you feel?  (before, during, climax, after) What are you in need of? Jesus wants to inhabit those places The spiritual battle for your heart is huge. The sin / flesh battle is huge.  Your power is not enough.  Your solo devotion to Jesus is not enough.  You need "one another". What alarms are going off inside you?  Not just an attraction to nudity or sexual things.  The visuals are triggers that set off something deeper inside you.   Intro / Outro Music:  “Energy Treatment” OurMusicBox.com Podcast Music: “Shift" Hypp Fractal -  FreeMusicArchive.org