Bursting out of sunny, lush Californian meadows onto the porch of Walt and Madge Irvine, 'Wolf', the brown dog with the wild grace of a timber-wolf, instantly captures the hearts of his would-be owners. Despite the blissful living conditions and love lavished upon him, Wolf's trust proves hard-won,- he tirelessly attempts to return to the mirthless Klondike lands up North where his roots lie. When at last confronted with a ghost from his past, Wolf's canine conscience is compelled for the first time to deliberate upon the hearts of the humans that love him most. 'Brown' Wolf is a touching chronicle of a very special dog-wolf with a profound need to find his life’s purpose in an irrevocably human way. It is joined by 11 other exciting and adventurous short stories in this collection penned by Jack London.