Revolutionary Leadership

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Revolutionary Leadership: defining a new era of leadership from life to business. How to live into your human potential & grow your emotional GRIT


  • From Corporate Consulting to Serial LadyBoss Entrepreneur Failure is part of the rolodex

    08/02/2018 Duração: 23min

    This woman, is divine on SO many levels. She’s the ambassador for Women’s Day, Fierce Asian raised by tiger parents with traditional weight on success. Her rise was when she decided to leap into her next chapter, leaving lucrative consulting gig at Procter & Gamble for a chance at lifting other women. She’s founder of Blooming Founders, a community curated for the growth of female entrepreneurs in London, UK. Born in China and raised in Germany. With her wide appeal of resilience, tenacity and cultural pot of immersion, she’s fierce at rolling with change. You’ll get a sense of how she leads, & she may inspire you to leave your current gig too. Gems on this week’s episode: 2:25- What the is #1 thing you can do right now to propel you forward to making your entrepreneurial goals REAL. 3:23- What we fail to recognize when hustling as a new entrepreneur (seasoned ones this is for you too!). 4:19- Combatting external pressure, and on the achievement burnout. 4:36- When to remove your mask, w

  • Conquering Eating Addictions & Depression as an author & Fearless ladyboss.

    08/02/2018 Duração: 24min

    Say what? The dirty secret here, is you don’t have to do this on your own. Life can be hella hard at times. We got you though! Here’s what’s up on the episode of Rev: Humans. Bringing Gritty gal, author M.J. Robertson to the show who created an entire movement on crushing fear and embracing your badass bold self. A best-selling author, and advocate for healing our health as a survivor of anorexia/bulemia and bipolar disorder- MJ is your modern day SHEro. She shares the rawness of facing her dark demons as she champions it to the world. Who wants a piece of this? We get all tied up at times with multiple projects, family, and then life happens. We adult. We f*$K things up. Who said it was going to be perfect anyway. Well, embrace your sh&t storms and hang with us this week- she may make you giggle about your quirky insides too… What to expect? 2:25- Super-she-ro origin story, where does MJ come from? 4:07- How to recognize when your in a bad beat, a funky, depressive state 4:56- Early condition set

  • Unapologetic in claiming your vision, how Tejas began the conscious wellness movement in India

    08/02/2018 Duração: 29min

    Well friends, this global Author & socially-conscious entrepreneur Tejas decided to go back to his roots & merge the ancient knowings of Indian Ayurveda & blending it with sustainable elements being the first organic, vegan eatery in bustling heart of New Delhi, India. Fusing the business background as a trained Babson College Alum, living between Singapore & San Francisco- Tejas felt called to bring back the conscious living lifestyle he learned from his roots back in India. Thus creating the first ever wellness & conscious living lifestyle space which duals as an organic vegan & wellness cafe, as well as a gathering for yoga, sound healing, meditation workshops, lifestyle balancing workshops drawing large groups to the one of a kind space in all of New Delhi, India. On this episode you will learn about how you can infuse your own beliefs into the workings of your business, no matter what the naysayers think. As well as huge reminders of the result of being the example of disruption & change you wish to m

  • From Brazil to Singapore, how this female ladyboss is shifting the conversation for women in tech

    02/02/2018 Duração: 16min

    Hey Gamechangers! Today’s super exciting episode was part of a resilience global workshop tour I gave to some entrepreneurs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. On this episode you’ll hear about the sneak peak journey into Lais CEO & startup founder of 8spaces (formerly known as Flyspaces)- and how this Brazilian native conquers the tech startup scene throughout Singapore & Malaysia. Lastly, how you as entrepreneurs tend to forget about self-care & taking time to prepare your mindset through the toughest times in your business & in life. What to gain from this episode: 1:37- What happens when you get aquired from your largest competitor? 1:52 - Being aware when you are putting others’ priorities ahead of your own, and being ahead of burnout. 2:48 - Some of the big challenges as an entrepreneur in terms of romantic relationships, and how to navigate those sticky situations that can arise. 3:15- Understanding the dynamics between male and female entrepreneurs and how to draw clear boundaries when working with t

  • Into the mind of India’s top VC & conquering Mt Everest: From Slum life to big dreams

    02/02/2018 Duração: 30min

    With CEO of The India Network & Founder of Scale Ventures Rahul is your poster child for emotional GRIT of entrepreneurs. Growing up in 100 square ft of the Mumbai slums, his story is nothing short of extraordinary. He is one of the leading Venture Capitalists in the Indian startup scene, has spoken at globally mentoring & advising entrepreneurs at Harvard, IIT-INDIA, among other places. His super powers have come from building, scaling and exiting 5 startups, and is pouring his heart to turning the impossible to possible. Notably, his most recent efforts have been the first ever to climb base camp of Mt. Everest on his CPAP. He is someone we all can learn mounds from. So listen in! Be sure to share this with ANYONE who has experienced any challenge in their busines, startup, or vision. This may rock your world… Nuggets for you… 3:02- Humble beginnings growing up in the slums of Mumbai, be proud of your roots 4:06- Taking your ‘bad’ experiences and reframing to a positive, always. 5:18- Using your t

  • Bullied burlesque dancer to media vixen, revolutionizing media with your truth

    02/02/2018 Duração: 28min

    Meet Claire Antsey. She’s the founder of Citizen 89, who’s been one of the most vivacious media vixens in the UK at BBC, serving both sides while interviewing tycoons like Richard Branson, to now creating a VC backed PR platform specifically for entrepreneurs. She’s unapologetic. She’ll tantalize you with her voice, incredibly charming & will command a room just by the aura of her presence. We met at an entrepreneurial gathering we are part of called A-fest, and got into a fireside chat at Soho house in London. Exploring the nitty gritty of her tale of Emotional GRIT which did not start where she is today. During this jam session, you get why it’s important to face some of the ‘dirty secrets’ in your life, aka the unwanted emotions that aren’t so glamorous for us an entrepreneurs. Claire shows us, that in until fully face our skeletons that we tend to hide, and embrace all of our flaws fully- it’s only then we can shift into what we should be showing up as. Powerful message for everyone here! 4:05 -

  • Ladies, time to revolutionize with your pee-buddy.

    29/01/2018 Duração: 18min

    That’s right, the device that is mega-revolutionizing the pee conversation for women, in the Revolutionary Human series today: tackling Deep Bajaj’s mission in New Delhi, India. Deep Bajaj, the founder of the female urination pee- device helping women of India and around the globe- making urination a clean & easy to tackle in public places. Took matters into his own hands during a very personal story after witnessing his own pregnant wife have major difficulties squatty over public toilets in New Delhi. A serial entrepreneur, in this episode we discuss mad resilience, optimistic scrutiny, and unstoppable pursuits- especially in an industry which is a taboo topic, and that too in India. Dive into the juicy parts of today’s conversation: 3:05- Necessity is the mother of all invention… Origin story of the pee buddy, ‘are you insane’? 4:50 - How to a cultivate deep sense of empathy for your avatar, or customer profile. 5:24 - Recognize how to tie in the greater problem you are willing to solve for yo