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Expert Insight into the world of business. BusinessClass brings in depth interviews people on the inside of international business.


  • Cecilia Chan’s investment strategy is to “Do well by doing good.”

    22/06/2023 Duração: 14min

    Cecilia Chan is the Managing Director of a Manhattan-based private equity firm, Octonovem. In over 30 years as an investor, she has honed a style that focuses beyond the bottom line, to assess success by including a project’s effects on its community and the world. “Asset-light” companies, such as content creators, travel companies and products like perfume are included in her portfolio. Her “Doing good” maxim is supported by spending 80% of her time on business projects and 20% of her time on charitable projects.

  • Pandemic: Economic bubbles are bursting – Kevin Morse – Cairn Spring Mills

    10/07/2020 Duração: 20min

    Cairn Spring Mills is a company that surprisingly is growing during the pandemic. The company is a varietal flour mill that produces a high quality locally sourced product. While other companies have been strapped by failing consumer demand and disrupted supply chains, Cairn Spring has increased sales by changing their business model - pivoting from being a strictly commercial wholesale outfit to being a nimble retail business. CEO Kevin Morse said "I think a bubble has been broken. I was talking to one of our advisors who's a former venture capitalist and she called this a macro-shock event which is drastically changing consumer behavior. In this episode of Business Class, we continue to explore how companies are adjusting and working to survive the sudden economic shifts of the pandemic. Interview recorded over the web on May 12, 2020

  • #Pandemic: How the virus is changing business in China – Marcus Lu

    19/06/2020 Duração: 23min

    The #Covid-19 virus is changing accepted business norms around the globe. In this episode of Business Class, we spoke with #MarcusLu as he sheltered-in-place at his home in #China. With deep insight into business in China, Marcus described how the virus is changing long accepted patterns of how business is conducted. “We realize and are starting to accept the fact that doing business can be easier,” he noted, while saying that, for the first time, important business meetings are being conducted virtually. In an interview with Dick Drobnick, Director of the #USC #IBEARMBA program, Marcus takes us through how he initially learned about the crisis coming out of Wuhan. We hear the firsthand story of lockdown in China, with grocery stores cleaned out in hours of panic buying. We also hear how the country adapted and local governments quickly adjusted to make sure goods and services were available. Looking at the big picture, he explained that GDP growth in 2020 is probably out of the question and to have t

  • Pandemic: Applying MBA degree skills to a crisis - PJ Van Hecke – The Reading Room - Bangkok

    12/06/2020 Duração: 18min

    In this episode of #BusinessClass, we return to Thailand for an #MBA review of the business skills needed to face this financial crisis. We spoke with PJ Van Hecke, a 2018 graduate of the #USCIBEARMBA program. PJ used his time in the program to shift from a global career in maritime engineering to the entrepreneurial side of book publishing. He is now a Co-Founder in #Bangkok-based #TheReadingRoom. In conversation with IBEAR MBA Director Dick Drobnick,, PJ lays out the core MBA skills he worked to master. He goes on to describe how these skills helped guide his new venture through the uncharted waters of a global #pandemic. Pieter-Jan Van Hecke is a 2018 graduate of the IBEAR MBA program. Interview recorded on April 16, 2020 Interview conducted by Dick Drobnick, Director IBEAR MBA Program

  • Pandemic: Craft Beer, Corned Beef and the Corona Virus – Janet Lighter – Boundary Bay Brewery

    29/05/2020 Duração: 17min

    The moment the St. Patrick’s Day Parade was cancelled, Janet Lightner - General Manager of Boundary Bay Brewery - knew they were in trouble. In this episode of Business Class, we move to the Microeconomic impact of the pandemic and go to the craft brewery nexus of Bellingham, Washington, to explore how the virus has upended the business model of a classic brew pub. Boundary Bay, 25 years old, is a pioneer craft brewery that has built a brand on its constant interaction with its customers and community. As the virus spread and shut down orders were given, Janet said she and her staff began to, ”pivot, pivot, pivot - like a ballerina doing pirouettes.” No restaurant. No catering. No brew pub. We hear how Janet and her partner, made tough decisions, rearranged staff, created an instant ‘To Go’ business and managed through creative hard work, to keep their business vital, and not to be taken down by 300 pounds of corned beef. Interview recorded on May 13, 2020. To maintain social distancing this interview w

  • Pandemic: “Globalization will become regionalization.” - Narongchai Akaransee Ph.D. - Thailand

    22/05/2020 Duração: 19min

    In this episode of #BusinessClass, we look at how the #Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the ASEAN nations, particularly #Thailand. We turn to #Dr.NarongchaiAkaransee, a former Thai government minister with extensive business knowledge. Dr. Narongchai explains Thailand’s successful approach to control of the Covid-19 virus. In comparing the government’s reaction to the #CovidCrisis vs. the 2008 financial crisis, he explains how the Thai government decided to distribute wages to 20 million people for three months because, “This time they lost their job because of a government order.” In conversation with #USC’s #DickDrobnick, the two explore the economic effects of the virus coupled with strong governmental controls, “Big control. Very big impact.” They also discuss how Thailand’s bond market and major economic sectors are faring. Dr. Narongchai notes that the virus will hinder economic growth for both auto parts and tourism, “We have been relying so much on #tourism. Last year, tourists arrivals were 40 mill

  • Pandemic: On the virus timeline, "China has a two-month lead." Jim McGregor, APCO China

    15/05/2020 Duração: 20min

    It’s always difficult to know what’s happening inside China. In this episode of Business Class, we hear first-hand information and analysis on China’s Covid-19 response from Shanghai resident, Jim McGregor, the CEO of APCO China. In an interview with USC’s Dick Drobnick, Jim notes that “China’s exports have fallen off a cliff.” They explore if: having a two month head start with the virus is affecting the country’s recovery strategy, how China is opening up and they dig into the “poisonous” U.S. / China relationship. In one of the biggest shifts the virus has triggered, Jim describes how companies are beginning to rethink their manufacturing strategy. They are considering manufacturing goods inside China for that market, while manufacturing goods outside China for the rest of the world. Jim explains that this potentially dramatic shift in supply chain strategy reflects that, “There's been such a risk by having too much in China. This is going to be a new paradigm.” Interview conducted on April 15th 2020

  • Pandemic: #Cricket and #Covid-19 - Jasdeep Pannu – ESPN India

    08/05/2020 Duração: 18min

    Millions of sports fans across the Asian sub-continent are watching the results of Jasdeep Pannu working from his living room. In this episode of Business Class, we speak with the Head of Digital Programming for ESPN India about how his organization saw the virus coming and moved #ESPNIndia out of the studio and into the guest room. The biggest problem? The virus coincided with the country’s most anticipated sporting event – The #IndianCricketLeague. “We were tied into the fortunes of how the league would happen. So if the League went ahead, we would be proceeding. “ But in a time where a new normal is being created, Jasdeep described how his programming has shifted from live sports to storytelling, and with the adoption of digital tools, more direct interactions with fans and athletes. “So it's actually turning out to be an interesting time for us to have great learning and everybody's agreeing that the world won't be the same place.” Jasdeep Pannu is a 2015 graduate of the USC IBEAR MBA program. To ma

  • Pandemic – What happens when the world is suddenly moved online? - Paul Wilson - Google

    01/05/2020 Duração: 18min

    Overnight, the Covid-19 pandemic moved much of the world’s business and business interactions online. In this episode of Business Class, we talk with Paul Wilson, Managing Director for Google Cloud (Public Sector) Asia Pacific. We asked Paul how this pandemic has created a moment in time, where technology tools are being adopted for use by people all over the globe and being put to work in ways no one ever imagined. We had many questions. What did this shift mean? Can the networks handle it? What new norms are being created? Paul takes us through how his team shifted from sales to service to help organizations from Japan-to-Australia, to conduct, business, healthcare, education and life online. Interview conducted on April 17, 2020 Interviewed by Richard Drobnick, Director of the USC IBEAR MBA Program