After Hours: The Official Open Sign Productions Podcast

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The official Podcast of Open Sign Productions.


  • Where the $*&@ is Grandpa??

    29/10/2015 Duração: 51min

    After some technical difficulties, we're back in full swing with Episode 25! Sorry for the wait.

  • Fish With People Teeth.

    28/08/2015 Duração: 40min

    In which we delve into fish that devour balls. And charmingly late as always. Tweet us! @OSPAfterHrsPod

  • The Ego Death of Kermit the Frog.

    12/08/2015 Duração: 51min

    In which real rap gets spat and our heroes can't tell the difference between Jim Henson and Jim Morrison.

  • OSP Radio with DJ Nash to Mouth

    22/07/2015 Duração: 44min

    Christian channels his inner DJ this week on the After Hours pod. Follow us on Twitter @OPSAfterHoursPod.

  • After Hours 21: The Triumphant Return

    16/07/2015 Duração: 48min

    That's right folks, we're back after a brief hiatus. Join the guys as they catch up on what's been going on in the company lately and ramble about films. Follow us and tweet at us on twitter @OSPAfterHrsPod

  • Lowering the Barr

    29/05/2015 Duração: 01h35s

    Michael joins us for our 20th episode! We scheme to take over the world.

  • I Wanna Hear Some of That Grandma...

    16/05/2015 Duração: 45min

    Mr. Ryan Bozell joins our heroes this week to talk some origins of Open Sign and other madness.

  • Don't Defend the Dog F***er!

    01/05/2015 Duração: 45min

    Austin joins us this week as we discuss weird high school stories, Austin's experience at Horrorhound and more.

  • The One After Roy...

    22/04/2015 Duração: 45min

    In which our heroes couldn't think of a better title, so we decided on this one.

  • Ten Minutes of Roy

    15/04/2015 Duração: 42min

    Various Phobia episodes are discussed....also Roy's boy.

  • Remember When I Simba'd You?

    11/04/2015 Duração: 39min

    Marcus Method Jr. and Amber Albright join us this week to discuss their rolls in the company and other stories. Also, Cam calls out Tom.

  • Cam Steals All Our Jokes.

    03/04/2015 Duração: 35min

    Our special guest Tom Scheer joins us this episode to discuss what he does at Open Sign, where he got his start and Hysterium. Also with special surprise guest Marcus Method Jr.

  • Andrew's Bleeding Anus

    13/03/2015 Duração: 30min

    In which more Stray is discussed and Cam's Acting Class!

  • More Butter!

    25/02/2015 Duração: 33min

    In which we discuss the shitty Indiana weather, more Stray stuff and some Let's Slay!

  • Canadian Hipster

    19/02/2015 Duração: 03min

    J.R.S. Storch joins After Hours again this week to talk about our recent auditions, more Stray, Ryan's hipster-denial and other future endeavors.

  • This is gonna' sound weird...but I made a promise to a man

    12/02/2015 Duração: 33min

    In which we talk about Let's Plays, Cam's future Oscar Win and more Stray.

  • You Stole My Joke, You A-Hole!

    31/01/2015 Duração: 44min

    This week we talk about how busy our holidays were and some of our creative processes. After a few snags and technical difficulties, we're back, I assure you.

  • Sellin' Books for Jesus

    10/12/2014 Duração: 37min

    We're joined by actress, Ashley Barr this week to discuss her experiences on set and more "The Stray".

  • After Hours 7: See that guy in the spandex suit? Don't go to him...

    21/11/2014 Duração: 33min

    J.R.S Storch is back to discuss more in depth detail about the creation of Phobia and Phantom of the Woods. *Note* This episode was originally slated to be episode 6, but we shifted stuff around because of last weeks Phantom of the Woods announcements.

  • You're an Eagle, You Gotta Take Off, You Gotta Fly

    12/11/2014 Duração: 47min

    Michael joins us to promote the dvd release of Phantom of the Woods and other exciting news!

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